KC Space Pirates

In pursuit of NASA loot.

It's a Great Day to Be a Space Pirate

Well, I have 2 weeks worth of testing results to share. Week 1 had lots of broken cells, trouble with test equipment sub standard results, and poor weather. It's not like I am sure we will win every morning that I wake up. And last week was really rough on that point.

Today all of that changed. I called in the team and shared all of my uncertainties and pessimism with them. They pointed out a couple of things. Loosing was not an option, and if proper test data is what we need then let's buckle down and get that data. We spent the day testing in gorgeous sun and 99+ degree weather. We determined that the mirrors will deliver the goods all the way to the top. I still want a few extras to deliver at the bottom but my worries about falling off short of the mark have been completely eliminated. We smoke tested the solar cells, hitting them with all that they would handle. And they came in right at expectations, erasing all of the doubt I had gotten from last week's low results. Plus if we dot all of the "i"s and cross all of the "t"s we may get BETTER than expected output from the cells. That means that my original math is at least valid and most of our original budget is back.

I said that most of our budget was back. Well, I called up one of our core supporters and she offered up the money to allow us to order the rest of the cells on Monday. That puts us back on track with a little margin to spare.

Like I said, Its a great day to be a Space Pirate. Other news.

Kansas City Business Journal wants to take a picture of where the magic happens and put it in the magazine under "Goat Locker" So it looks like my garage is going to be even more famous.

Star magazine interviewed me for an article in the Sunday insert about robotics in Kansas City. Not specifically about the Space Pirates but close.

With the Walt Bodine show that nearly rounds out the list of my favorite news outlets in Kansas City. Now if I can just get something on one of the evening TV news outlets.

Till next time, Captain Brian Turner