KC Space Pirates

In pursuit of NASA loot.


Well our trip to San Jose was a success. After meeting with two laser companies we are happy to announce that we have an agreement to use the TRUMPF Trudisk 8002 industrial laser. This laser is the pinnacle of Industrial laser power and performance. It has an output of 8 kilowatts. We are very excited to have access to this laser.

The drawback is that the color of this laser is not well matched with the best solar cells. Our research has led us to believe we have a solution to this issue. We are going on an expedition to Detroit next week to test the underlying tech.

The issue we are struggling with now is how to aim the laser. It’s awesome power level requires exotic optics and/or special tactics. It would be no problem if we had $150,000 to throw at it. But because we have chosen not to be full time fund raisers we are looking for more creative solutions. This keeps with the spirit of the competition but of course represents a possible major barrier to our success. I will have to keep you posted on our progress in this area.

KC Space Pirates